Moov Consultants provides personalized home and moving services, designed with our clients at the heart, regardless of where you are in your home journey.

Staging & Packing

Making your house market-ready: When preparing your home to sell there are many steps; first and foremost helping the buyer imagine themselves living in your space. Unfortunately, personal items and clutter are two major show stoppers. We can declutter your home and stage your rooms with your furniture. As we stage each room, we also pack boxes in preparation for the upcoming move. Next, we arrange for a professional photographer to photograph your space, and have it market-ready in a flash.

Moving & Unpacking

Making a house your home:  As the saying goes, nothing in life is constant except change. If the thought of transitioning to a new home while juggling jobs and family and life, in general, is a bit overwhelming, that’s where we can help. We work alongside the moving company. As they wrap furniture and art, we pay attention to the other details: kitchens, pantries, closets, and valuables. We carefully pack and label each box for the move. Then we unpack. You are not alone on moving day! As the truck gets unloaded we start setting up the kitchen, unpacking and organizing your linens and clothes. We style shelves and mantles, hang curtains, and set up bedrooms. Our goal is to have you living box free in a day or two.

Styling & Decorating

A fresh look for your home: It is rare that one can move into a new house and not want to make changes. We are happy to suggest ways to update your new space and make it feel like your own. Or if you have no intentions of moving, but simply want to revamp your home, we’ve got you covered. We can help make your house really feel like a new home by advising on all components of design—from paint color and wallpaper to lighting, floor plans to furniture selection. Home sweet same old home, just a bit sweeter.


How we Moov- Check the box that meets your needs.

We start with a consult at your home. You’ll walk us through your space, share your needs and express your concerns—and together we’ll develop an overall plan that works for you and your family.

Overview of Services:

Develop an overall manageable transition plan and timeline

Organize, downsize, and sort your household items and furniture

Prepare and stage your home for resale

Pack personal belongings and valuables for moving.

Unpack all boxes, set up livable spaces, style your home

Advise on interior decorating and design

Customize your floor plan

Facilitate and manage hired services (plumbers, painters, electricians, etc.)

Arrange for furniture donations, consignment, or estate sale

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