Those words are bold, we know—but they’re true! Another thing we know to be true is that transitions, especially moving, are stressful and emotional. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way—efficiently, empathetically, and enthusiastically.

We’re two power moms, living with our families just outside of Burlington, Vermont. Leading active and fulfilled lives is a common goal we share—creating beautiful, comfortable spaces where life can be enjoyed is another.

Claire Mahoney and Marlene Simson founded Moov Consultants after years working in varying fields: education, healthcare, management, logistics, interior design, and of course, motherhood. With Claire’s affinity for logistics and project management and Marlene’s eye for design and creativity, they’re the perfect powerhouse of expertise and energy to transform your home.

Armed with a network of folks to help you with your upcoming transition, Moov Consultants provides home and moving consultancy to all of Vermont, with a focus on Chittenden, Addison, and Washington counties.

The most consistent thread running throughout Claire’s professional career is education. With a Master’s in Elementary Education, her career has spanned years in and out of public and private school classrooms. She’s also worked as a school manager, a logistics coordinator, in event management and fundraising, and her most important (and favorite) role to date—a mom to her two spunky girls.

Now at the helm of Moov alongside Marlene, Claire is thriving at utilizing her myriad of strengths to meet community needs and grow a small business in Vermont. Her warm but straightforward approach enables her to get the job done in an efficient and fun way, and her empathetic demeanor makes each job feel personal. Claire enjoys managing projects, but her creative eye and attention to detail are two assets that put the cozy right where you need it!

Claire also loves to travel and explore the outdoors with friends and her adventurous family. Even though she has been a New Englander for 20+ years her southern roots hold true as she finds much joy in hosting friends. Her heart is the fullest when her family and friends gather together to share good food, adventures, and laughs.

A natural nurturer, it’s quite fitting that Marlene’s professional career began with nursing—working with all age groups in both hospital and home settings. She went on to work in pharmaceutical sales, own and run her own clothing boutique, and work as an in-house designer and decorator for Ethan Allen Furniture.

Most recently, Marlene's interior decorating business, Pure Living, has kept her quite busy. Now merging with Moov, she will continue to do what she does, simply under a new name. Throughout these experiences, Marlene has honed the skill of relationship building and has always found joy and success in tapping into both the nurturing and creative sides of her personality.

Her strengths lie in her positive thinking, creative vision, and energetic personality. When not thinking or dreaming about DIY projects and all things art-related, you can most likely find Marlene laughing with her two wonderful daughters who fill her heart and keep her on her toes.